Episode 007 – Board to Tears

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This is one of those episodes that is better than it sounds. It’s not excruciatingly painfully mind numbingly boring beyond belief. It just sounds like it would be based on the topic. The truth however is that board games are kind of awesome. They bring people together and are becoming increasingly more and more popular. They’re basically a highly social version of your favorite video game. Or at the very least equally social but without the obnoxiousness of online anonymity. Rarely am I playing a table top game with company when one of them randomly starts aggressively questioning my sexuality and calling me the N word from across the table. Although to be fair I don’t have any friends. I mean what can I say, it’s just how I roll. Get it? Like you would roll dice in a . . . I’m so lonely.

Also you should know that we spent money on new audio equipment. Like real American dollars that we earned working real jobs. That’s how much we care about this podcast. That’s how much we care about you. We invested in new microphones and a top-of-the-line Grade A state-of-the-art mixer. Having more expensive things makes you better at stuff. So as I understand it we will now immediately be funnier and generally all around more entertaining. So look forward to that.

Next month is our first video episode but it’s also worth checking out for other reasons. Specifically because it’s our complete coverage of PAX East 2013 and if that doesn’t give you “wood for sheep” then I don’t know what will. Personally I’ve never been more excited.

That’s so funny and topical, Josh. You truly are a master of the written word. My favorite part was when you talked about erections. That was awesome.
This month’s episode features a topic near and dear to my heart – and I don’t mean the fatty build-up that will eventually lead to the first of several cardiovascular “events” – no, I mean board games. I’m something of a board game enthusiast – a collector, if you will. So, I was glad when Josh suggested we do an episode about them – a chance to talk about games! Well, I’ll tell you something. We recorded something like 17 hours of audio over the course of a long weekend, and most of it’s so good you wouldn’t believe it was us. So I edited, and cut, and cut and edited to just about an hour of material – and I think I did a pretty good job of getting everything down to our usual levels of mediocrity. I hope you find it adequate.
See you next month for the PAX VIDEO EPISODE!

Things Discussed, however briefly, during the show:

PS4, Monopoly, Last Night On Earth, Die Macher, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, Castle Panic, The Walking Dead, Clue, Star Flux, Flux, Magic The Gathering, Wits and Wagers, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Nexus Ops, Talisman, Warhammer 40k, Space Hulk, Table Top, Beer & Board Games, Pictionary, Scrabble, Boggle, Win Loose or Draw, Sorry, Star Trek The Next Generation, Texas Holdem, Battleship, Jumanji, Zathura, Jenga, Power Grid, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rocky Horror Picture Show, It, Legend, Ferngully, Words with Friends, Star Trek Fleet Captains, Dominion, Betrayal at the House on the Hill.


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  1. Matt Dodge says:

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say that was me with the glasses and smug smile standing behind the lady with the fishnet stocking over her face.

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