Episode 019 – All Good Things

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Every single one of your favorite television shows will one day come to an end. If you’re lucky they’ll go out in a blaze of unparalleled glory like Breaking Bad did. A perfect five season story arch that concludes in exactly the way it should, while never missing a beat and always satisfying the viewer. Or alternatively it could over stay it’s welcome and slowly fizzle out into nonsense like Dexter. Both starting great but only one keeping the momentum until the end. This is the episode where we discuss the fate of these shows, and share our spoiler free take on how each of them concluded. It’s a real hoot!

Also our 20th episode is coming out a day early on the 31st of October. It’s the 2nd annual Podcastober and tradition dictates that we must release it on Halloween day. Who am I to argue with one year of established routine? Still, releasing on the most terror filled day of the year can’t be good. It’s so scary! Yet probably not as much as this months image. Am I right? I keep having nightmares about Justin as a baby and it terrorizes my very soul. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein hiding from the very thing I’ve created. Have I gone too far this time?! How crazy will future images be as it becomes increasingly harder finding duos to graft our faces onto? Will all of this power go to my head? Why is that Ruffles potato chip promotion with WSOP Full House Poker such a scam? Was I the real monster all along?

A Trouble with Words isn’t just a podcast anymore, it’s also a new alcoholic energy drink from the same company that brings you Twisted Tea! Part of a lucrative new deal in which we sold off every little bit of artistic integrity we had left in exchange for a few empty promises and more than a few not so thinly veiled threats, we’ll be releasing our very own A Trouble with Words The Beverage! A unique blend of quinine, guarine, acai berry and grain alcohol will greet you in every 40oz bottle of A Trouble with Words The Beverage! Have one, and you’ll be having A Trouble with Words too!
Oh hey, I guess there’s a new episode too. Listen to it, or else we spent time recording and editing that could have been spent rolling in our fat stacks of cash.

Things Discussed, however briefly, during the show:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Californication, Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad, The X-Files, Dexter, Star Trek The Next Generation, A Trouble with Words: The Movie, Snapper, Helium, The Door


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