020 – Podcastober 2 : Beyond House

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I’m not sure if it’s clear but the term Podcastober is a joke. It’s meant to make fun of the relatively recent trend of adding “tober” to the end of words with the false idea that you’re creating some sort of new Halloween themed thing. You know because that makes perfect sense. I thought it was silly and I wanted to have a laugh at the whole idea, so the first Podcastober was born as a goof. Then something unexpected happened. It was so ridiculous that we decided to make it official. So welcome to the 2nd Annual episode of Podcastober! You can look forward to a new edition every Halloween going forward, regardless of whether you want one or not. Yay for that!

Ok so what does Podcastober mean to us? It means that every year we will pick a movie neither of us has seen, and then force the other one to watch it. Something obscure and horror themed. Then we’ll talk about them on the episode. This time Justin picked both, so next year I get my turn to do the same. Then the year after next we each choose one movie, and I think the challenge will be to out weird each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Happy Halloween!


We’re not really sports guys. As far as I know, Josh’s only sports interest is in what food is available at the Super Bowl party. That’s not a dig either, I respect that about him. I, however, follow the Boston Red Sox all season long, and since I’m writing this moments after they’ve clinched the World Series, I’ve got to at least acknowledge it. So congratulations to the Sox, and all the Boston fans out there.
Now, back to the matter at hand: Podcastober. Personally, I don’t care if Podcastober is a joke or not – It’s our thing and we’re going to keep doing it until one of us dies, or we can somehow prove that no one on the planet is listening to us anymore. (I like to think that even if no one alive is listening, then at least the old people that died in the apartment underneath Josh’s get to listen to us record twice a month – I mean, as far as an afterlife goes, it’s not much, but A Trouble with Words is better than oblivion, am I right? I think that’s our new slogan. Someone contact Twisted Tea so they can update our printed media.)
Anywho, Happy Halloween, I hope you enjoy this latest SPOOKY installment of everyone’s favorite podcast. (Second favorite? Third? Top five?)
Thanks for listening!

Things Discussed, however briefly, during the show:

Devil’s Advocate, House, From Beyond, Simone, The Thing, The Mist


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2 Responses to 020 – Podcastober 2 : Beyond House

  1. Erin says:

    So many thoughts –

    First – if you think House is tough to get through the first 5 minutes, then you’ve clearly never seen Audition. Also, don’t watch Audition. (Totally watch Audition.)

    Second – I had never heard of House before and based solely on your description of it being bat shit bonkers, I paused the podcast, found it on Hulu, and watched it. WOW. Just, WOW. Awesome. Definitely keeping.

    I have a list of movies that if you want to be forever…changed…I can send to you.

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