028 – People Being Awful

At some point we all get caught up in the back-and-forth of politics. Overwhelmed with a sudden desperate need to convince the other side of the truths that are evident to us, we abandon the best advice we’ve ever received and engage someone who can not be persuaded in debate. It’s a fault that most us share and despite our knowledge of the inevitable outcome, we still do it. The real problem develops when that person is a friend and their outlandish views are catching you by surprise. What if they’re not who you believed them to be? Is this just another person being awful or is it simply a cry for help? What an incredible challenge it can be to discover that one of the people you know best is simply wrong. Especially when those damaging opinions they have are given a soapbox to spread. In that situation it becomes your duty to save them from themselves, and then re-introduce rational thought and good taste to their stupid broken brains.

That’s what this episode is about. I hope you enjoy it!


Against all odds, we continue to record, edit, and post these episodes every time we’re supposed to. This is the closest thing to being a responsible adult I’ve ever experienced, outside of making sure my daughter goes to school in relatively clean clothes every day.
I hope March finds you in good health – we can’t have loyal listeners falling ill and decreasing our download numbers… that would be bad for both of us!
Anyway, find a spare 30 minutes to sit back, crack an ice-cold Twisted Tea, and enjoy our somewhat coherent ramblings about House of Cards, and racist puppets.


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