058 – How to Cheat the System

There are lots of ways to cheat the system. For instance if you’re a motorcycle club and you want hardcore gangbangers to take you seriously, then just publicly murder a bunch of their crew. Don’t want to pay for something? Take it by force. Trying to avoid being arrested or murdered in your new jail cell? Make arrangements with the police and prison guards that benefits both of you. It’s actually all pretty easy once you know what you’re doing. Personally I learned everything I need to know from a little show called Sons of Anarchy. Just keep in mind that every scheme will always end in disaster and failure. Which to clarify, means that 100% of the time you’ll mess up and have to try and salvage whatever you risked to make it possible. I’ve just learned such a lesson.

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See you next episode, and as always thanks for listening!

Hello Folks,
Thanks for tuning in for another episode of A Trouble with Words! Seriously, thank you!
This episode’s all about Sons of Anarchy, a delightful family show, appropriate for all ages. If your toddlers aren’t thrilled with the ubiquitous, over the top violence, then they’ll be certain to love all the sexual content – specifically the fairly frequent, fairly graphic depictions of anal rape. I mean, I guess that’s sexual, *and* violent. Win/Win! Every 4-8 year old will benefit from the life lessons contained within this show.

Please don’t let your children watch this show.
See you next time!



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