074 – Look At Me!


If you’re not paying attention to Rick and Morty then you’re doing it wrong. I’d go so far as to say that it might just be the best Sci-Fi show on television right now. I know that sounds insane but I’m prepared to make a case for the why of it. First off, it deals with fairly complicated concepts on a regular basis that are creative and reflective of society, while never straying too far from the science it’s rooted in. I’m talking grade A top shelf technobabble here. Then what makes it crazy is that the show is also very funny and often offensive. An animated half hour filled to the brim with vulgarity and a certain loose sense of improvisational writing. It’s a contradiction akin to the kind of paradox you might expect to see on a show like this. Also it manages to find just enough heart to make you care about even the grossest non-redeemable of characters. Impressive stuff.

I suppose all of this is just a desperate attempt to get you to watch and fall in love with the same quirky charm I did. Then we’ll become best friends and you can clean my house for free or something. So put it on your radar and thank me later when it makes you happy. See you next time!


Happy Groundhog’s Day Eve, Friends!
This episode is all about Groundhog’s Day: a detailed and thorough history of the traditions we observe, an examination of the Bill Murray film, and an exclusive interview with the man of the hour, Punxsutawney Phil!
At least, that’s the episode we put out in the dimension that we’ve come from, but we had to abandon that one after everyone got Cronenberged. So now, we’re here, and our counterparts (best not to ask what happened to them) recorded this episode about Rick and Morty. It’s pretty good!



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