078 – BFF?


Hey everyone! Welcome to Episode 78 of the Best Friends’ Podcast, with me and my BFF Joshua Lemay! I’m super excited that I get to spend even more time with my best friend in the whole wide world. On this episode, we’re joined by some guests – Wannabe friend/creeper – Justin, Josh’s brother, and my brother. Needless to say, they almost ruined the show. But it’s okay, cause me and my bestie kept this train rolling! We spend some time talking about the new DCU movie, Superman III- The Spanish American War! Also there’s a review of what I did yesterday, and we talk about what things we love to do together. This episode is brought to you by Fork City – their forks are the only forks we use on the Best Friends’ Podcast!


Greetings! Look, it’s another exciting episode of the Best Friends Podcast! As always Jamie and I are happy to share our best friendship with you our listeners. Even if you’re not familiar with our show, I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching us be best friends and talking about the things we both like. In this episode we discuss that new superhero movie everyone’s talking about, and whether we’ll be best friends forever. Spoiler Alert . . . we will be! What a fun episode!

Also we finally had that Justin person from the forums on the show and it was as awkward as you’d expect. Poor guy. I wonder if he’ll ever get his own friends?

See you next week for another great episode! Happy Best Friend Day!



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