083 – E3 2016

Hey good news! E3 just happened and we’re going to talk about the stuff that made an impression – the games, peripherals, and new (already?!) consoles. I watched all of the coverage like I do every year, and as you can imagine I’ve got a bad case of the opinions. I’m going to unload those here. Hope you’ve prepared yourself.

Also I want to take a moment and apologize for another delay on the BvS debate episode. It’s proving challenging to get four people in the same room together. Still that said I’m not giving up on the idea, In fact I don’t care if, when we’re finally debating the merits of Batman v Superman, the Justice League movie is coming out. It will still happen. Mark my words.

Thanks again for listening and we’ll see you next time!


Just under the wire with this one!
This was a rush job, for sure, but I still think it’s a good episode, and definitely worth listening to while driving yourself to work tomorrow morning.
It’s not the episode we promised, but don’t despair! We will eventually get that BvS episode out. Scheduling is hard!



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