093 – Just the Sketches Vol. 2


This is going to be a short post. I don’t feel well and can’t bring myself to get more done. It also won’t be funny, because now that the election is over nothing will ever be funny again.

On that note here’s our second collection of comedy sketches from past episodes. Laugh or keep crying into your pillow, it won’t matter much longer. Either way I promise we’ll keep making this podcast for as long as there’s a world to make them in. I love you and I’m sorry this is happening.


It sucks when life conspires to keep us from recording an episode, but it happens every so often. The good news is that when it does happen, we get to trot one of these sketch collections out. It’s not new material, but it still makes me laugh, and right now that’s worth something.



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Topics mentioned:Collection of sketches from Ep 28 – Ep 47

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