098 – PHD in Magic


If I’m being completely honest this is not what I’d call a great episode on the subject of Doctor Strange. It’s by far the hardest time we’ve ever had staying on, or even finding the topic. Obviously this is the fault of World War 2 and its many lessons. The conversation wanders with our thoughts of huddled masses and cries for help. We try to discuss the artifact that can rewind time without thinking of the things we’d change. Multiple attempts are made to use the word villain as we always have, to think of it as a simple adversary to the hero. Something we might even enjoy watching . . . but it’s not easy.

So forgive us as we find our voices again, and thank you for your understanding with whatever that might mean. Share and help us grow. 🙂


Squeaking in, just under the wire!
This episode is an absolute mess, in almost all respects, but somehow, it works.
I have, apparently, zero ability to stay on topic, and Josh gets frustrated! It’s pretty fun!
Also, there’s a weird echo that I couldn’t edit out! Fun!
See you next time!



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Topics mentioned:Dr. Strange, Inception, The current pre-apocalyptic world we find ourselves in now that a fascist reality TV star Hitler resembling egomaniac like Trump is the President

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