099 – Cowboy Reboots


Somehow it actually happened. We made a time, got together and then recorded this in the same room where we could actually see each other. I think it’s better for it too, like a lot better. Much closer to the level of quality you’ve grown to expect. Finally everyone can stop sending us so many letters begging that we do it this way again. Man, we’re so popular and famous and all the people love our podcast the most.

Speaking of androids and amusement parks, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. As you may recall, we both recently made the statement that our favorite TV Show of 2016 was Westworld. It’s about time we expanded on that and gave you some actual reasons. Obviously it’s kept mostly spoiler free with a warning about anything that might cross that line in advance.

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Next up . . . Episode 100!


Episode 99
This is a good one! We got to record in the same room, which for some reason has become a rarity – hopefully we can get back to a more regular recording schedule soon.
Also, holy cow, next episode is the big hundo!
See you then!



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Topics mentioned:Westworld(2016), Westworld(1973), Futureworld

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