101 – Rattle the Cage

I know that we bring up the Marvel Cinematic Universe a lot. In fact, I’d say we joke about doing that almost as much as we actually do it. It’s just that the MCU keeps us coming back with fantastic television shows and movies, making it too good not to discuss every part of it. It’s the example of how to do live action superhero properties right. Something that outside of that shared universe, no studio has been able to do nearly as well. Even with film rights to other Marvel characters like the X-Men or Fantastic 4 they’ve always fallen short in comparison. That said something is shifting and it’s our duty to talk about that.

In this episode we break down the potential decline of the MCU, or more specifically a big misstep at the end of Luke Cage season 1 that basically retroactively ruined the episodes that came before. It’s full of details and opinions that you should hold off on listening to until you’ve seen it. Before that though, the first half of the episode is a spoiler free discussion on Logan. A near perfect Marvel movie that might even win some awards, and has nothing to do with the MCU in any way. Up is down and down is up. At least we can take comfort in how consistently bad DC Comics has been at making their shared universe on movie screens. Am I right?

See you next time for our annual PAX East video episode, where we bring the expo to you! All 3 million indie games and both triple A titles you want to hear about. I’m so sick . . . Yay for video editing!


Hey everyone!
It’s our first post-100 episode! The dawn of a new era! An era that looks and sounds exactly like the old era!
But hey, baby steps, right?
This episode, we bring back our good friend, Tim, and have a good ol’ chi chat about the latest, non-mcu, Marvel film, Logan.
Next time: PAX!



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