126 – Built on Lies


In an unexpected twist we decided to do nothing to celebrate today. No hidden surprises, manipulations, or deceptions. Nothing. This is a holiday of untruths, and a reminder not to believe everything people tell you. In honor of that we decided to give you a break from it all. Take this opportunity to prepare for the impending end of the world and learn a skill. Maybe carpentry?

Speaking of building things, we spend a fair amount of time discussing Fortnite Battle Royale and how brutally hard it is. That and other random stuff of course. So come hang out for a bit and maybe you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll come back for the next one. Which is our PAX East video episode hopefully. Assuming we can get it out in time . . .

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Hello Friends and Enemies!
Happy Easter, and Happy April Fool’s day.
No pranks from us today, just good clean fun.
You see, pranks require time, and planning, and a level of commitment that we just can’t produce. We just can’t.
So, this episode is just two guys talking about stuff, with no pranks. Zero. None pranks.
Next time: PAX?



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