130 – S.O.C. – Lowering the Bar


Every so often we stream us playing games and talking about current events. This is our most recent attempt at that and I think we’re getting better and better all the time. Let us know what you think and thanks again for watching another installment of Stream of Consciousness on the best podcast no one is listening to!

Wait you want to know what we discussed? Well we talk about Roseanne being canceled and what we think of the current state of Destiny 2 … while playing Destiny 2. It’s a real hoot and a half. See you next time!


Hello folks, and welcome!
Welcome to the latest episode of everyone’s fourth favorite podcast, A Trouble with Words! This time, Josh and I play a little Destiny and chat about the state of things – both in game, and in the real world. It’s a fun time, and you should watch the video – it’s short! You know you waste so much time in a day doing dumber stuff than watching our show, so what the heck?
What I mean is, if you only listen to this episode, you’re missing out.
See you next time!





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Topics mentioned: Destiny 2 Warmind, Sea of Thieves, Roseanne

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