139 – Forever is a Long Time


Despite what Justin might say this is not our last episode. We will never stop. Much like in the show Altered Carbon we will find a way to live forever. Even after our bodies have given in to obesity and old age we will continue on. Creating constantly for you is our only concern.

Speaking of Altered Carbon we talk about it in this episode. What a weird coincidence.

See you next time for Podcastober!


Hello from the other side!
We’re back, and we’re in just under the deadline!
We’re so frickin good at this.
This episode we have a friendly chat about the Netflix Original Series, Altered Carbon.
If you haven’t seen it, ya should. But good news! We’re spoiler free on this one! Mostly. Like, 99% spoiler free. I think you’ll be fine with it.
Anyway, next ep: Podcastober!



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Topics mentioned: Altered Carbon, Cyber Punk, Netrunner, Nechromancer, Bladerunner, Shadowrun

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