145 – Maximum Effort


One of my resolutions for 2019 is to make the best podcast possible. To try harder and make a better product this year than last year. So that said . . .

What a fantastic episode this is! We’ve got two great guests that we get to talk to about one of the best super hero films we saw in 2018 – Deadpool 2. This is how you start a year off strong. Honestly the most surprising thing about the movie was just how good it was for a sequel to something that pretty much came to an end story wise. They really put the work into making this followup a range of things more than just juvenile jokes breaking up over-the-top action scenes and it shows. Well done indeed.

Thanks to Lindsey my wife for coming on and showing us how it’s done. She does lots behind the scenes that makes this all possible, but having her on is still my favorite way she participates. Also a special thanks to Amanda for joining us on what is hopefully the first of many visits, but also for always being supportive of the show by listening on the regular and even spreading the word. I suspect that our best stuff is still yet to come. Here’s to a great 2019!

P.S. I promise to curb my excitement and let people talk more next time. Probably.


Hello folks, this episode should have been on time, it was recorded early, edited early, uploaded early, and yet, somehow, it’s late. Well, “late” meaning later than midnight on the 14th, but still before midnight on the 15th, so we still win.
Send me my prize.
Hope you are well, and that thing you were worried about turned out alright.



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