148 – True Power


The Umbrella Academy is a show about people discovering their true power. More specifically it’s about multiple children that are born suddenly with mysterious and strange abilities and then adopted by an eccentric billionaire who trains them to be super heroes. It’s odd and funny and generally just a good time all around. We talk about it in this one and it’s a good listen if I do say so myself.

You can discover your true power by downloading all of our episodes and stuff. Bam! Brought the theme around and closed the post perfectly! I’m so good at writing you guys.


Hey there, friend! Welcome back!
We got that fresh ‘tent you was looking for!
That Ultra Fresh Content, you crave? We got it!
We’re talking about The Umbrella Academy, and guess what? We’re doing it spoiler-free, so you can listen whether you’ve watched it or not!
(Watch it though, it’s good!)
Love you!



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