202 – Awkward Banter

On this absolutely not late because there are no rules episode of A Trouble with Words we talk about one of the best shows ever made; Taskmaster. Seriously this will be your new favorite thing on television if you give it a chance. It has a hint of mystery, loads of excitement and many famous British comedy personalities competing for nonsensical prizes. It makes me laugh like nothing ever has and I hope listening to this inspires you to watch free past seasons on the Official Taskmaster YouTube Channel. Did I mention they are free?

Also I’m sorry to say this but no sketches again as we find our footing. Instead we have two amazing guests that barely get a word in over my constant talking. Thanks to Lindsey and Julia for dropping by and I promise to work on not hogging the mic so much in the future. In fact if anyone has any suggestions on what we could do to improve in general, or things you would like to see us tackle please leave a comment or shoot us an email. Getting feedback matters more than you could know and I look forward to hearing any that you might have. Actually please send it to us in a red wax sealed white envelope typed out on a single sheet of paper.

Your time starts now!

Hello, friends!
Welcome to Episode Two of Season Two! We said we weren’t sticking to a release schedule, and somehow, against our best efforts, we’re nailing it! We’re like the Sand Sharks in that movie, Sand Sharks: You don’t have a *clue* when we’ll pop up next!
I hope you’ll enjoy this episode! Is it technically perfect? No, not even close. In fact, it’s fine. But we had fun, and with people we care about so, what more could you ask for?


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